​​Are You Interested in Volunteering or Know Someone Who Is?
The Summer Village is looking for Community-minded Volunteers for the following:
1)  Emergency Response Team
2)  Fire Smart Committee
3)  Wildfire Mitigation Committee

Natural Gas Supplier - Ste. Anne Natural Gas - 780-967-2246

Pumpout Providers - For a listing of providers, please see the 
Shop the County site.  

Fortis Alberta - 310-9473 (wire)

Fire Services
The Summer Village of South View's fire services are provided by Onoway Regional Fire Services who contract from North West Fire Rescue-Onoway - North West Fire Rescue Website.

​​The Summer Village of South View currently has a Mutual Aid Fire Agreement in place with Lac Ste. Anne County.

The nearest Firehall to South View is the Darwell Firehall (a Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Hall) and is located approximately 8km from South View.

Fires Can happen - Are You Covered?

Did you know that the cost of fire suppression by the fire department for a structure fire is payable by the property owner to the fire suppression provider?  Did you know that if a fire department responds to any other sort of fire:  ie)  grass, lawnmower, burn barrel, home alarm, false home alarm, that there will also be a cost to the property owner?

Most insurance companies' standard coverage payable for fire suppression is $10,000.00, this may not be enough to cover the bill of a fire.  Within various Summer Villages, we have seen fire suppression invoices for grass fires as high as $11,000.00 and invoices for structure fires ranging from $8,000.00 to $28,000.00 and these invoices have come to us through three different fire services providers responding to the various incidents.

Do you have enough insurance to cover these costs?  Do you need to increase your coverage?   What does your policy say?

Be sure you take a look at your home insurance policy or talk to your insurance agent.  Most insurance companies provide an option for you to increase your various coverages for very reasonable additional costs.  Ask your provider if your policy covers and what amounts are covered specifically for grassland, fire suppression and call-out costs.

Keeping Your Home/Cabin Secure
A reminder to secure your belongings when you are away from your residence.  If you see any suspicious activity, please be sure to report it to the Evansburg RCMP at 780-727-4446 or Dial 9-1-1.

See link below for Tips on Crime Proofing Your Cottage.

​Darwell School - K-7 -
Onoway Junior/Senior High School - 8-12 -
​Bussing Information / School Trustee Information - Contact Northern Gateway Public Schools -

Use of Municipal Reserves & Property Boundaries
It is the responsibility of every property owner to understand and know where their property lines are.  If you are unsure of your property boundaries, it is your responsibility to have your lot surveyed.  If there happens to be items encroaching on Summer Village property they will need to be moved to within your property.

All other storage and uses are considered unapproved encroachments onto Municipal Property and Public Lands. The Summer Village of South View is currently promoting the education of its residents to resolve the problem of encroachment. Encroachment happens when residents expand their yards and personal property onto public property. This can be done in many ways, including; planting trees, hedges, landscaping, gardens, fire pits, storage of RV’s, boat lifts, firewood, composters, grass cuttings, tree branches, installation of fences, building sheds, dumping garbage, etc. These items are not permitted on any public property, including municipal reserves, leased land, parks, utility right of ways, streets or any other property owned by the Summer Village unless strictly allowed by the Municipality.

Policy 8-01   Municipal & Park Reserve Use Policy


A bylaw is a law made by a local authority in accordance with the powers conferred by or delegated to it under a statute, in this case the MGA. Council may pass a bylaw to govern the affairs within the council (the procedural bylaw and code of conduct for councillors) and bylaws that govern within the municipality. Common bylaws include vehicle parking and stopping regulations, animal control, licensing, noise, business regulation, and management of public recreation areas. A municipal by-law is no different than any other law of the land, and can be enforced with penalties, challenged in court and must comply with higher levels of law. Municipal bylaws are often enforceable through the public justice system, and offenders can be charged with a criminal offence for breach of a bylaw.
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